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Christine Williams
is the Founder and MD of 2Connect (pty) Ltd.

2Connect (pty) Ltd was started in April 2012. It is made up of a network of experienced individuals that enables, supports, mentors and advises South African and African talent and leaders.

2Connect brings together the experience and expertise of strategy experts, organisational effectiveness professionals, leadership and capability specialists, experienced technical business mentors and customer strategists to solve clients key challenges through an integrated and systemic approach.

The concept behind 2Connect is to create a network of associates andpartners who want to do purposeful and stimulating work. 2Connect is runas a facilitating network that offers experienced and talentedindividuals the opportunity to work on projects that utilise theirexperience and skills, while allowing them the option to self managetheir contribution to the output.

2Connect is part of an international network, amongst others being the South African representative of Tyler Mangan and has access to proven international thinking and methodologies; and offers a range of experienced and respected individuals as resources.

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