Veronica Royston

Executive Coach and Organisational Psychologist

“Elise brings together a wealth of leadership experience and insights with compassion and care in her coaching. She is pragmatic and action oriented and I valued her support as a coach to me in running my own business. Elise’s understanding of what it is like to be a business woman and a mother was hugely helpful for me.”

“Elise is exceptionally well qualified to coach or mentor. Unlike many other coaches she has had great practical ‘in the trenches’ experience. We worked together for a number of years and I can vouch for the fact that she was extremely competent. Were it not for her choice to become a full-time mother she undoubtedly have continued onto a highly successful business career. In addition she is very smart, well qualified academically and now also has valuable life experience. All essential ingredients to being a good coach and mentor and I have no hesitation in recommending her”.

Glen Marques

CEO Myriad Programming Services

(International content acquisition for MIH Group)

Senior Executive (Head of Product Development) 

Financial Services Company           

    “I was familiar with the coaching experience but not clear how I would actually benefit from this. As a logical and introspective person by nature, I was sceptical about whether having someone to talk through where I’m at would actually benefit my growth process. The experience with Elise’s coaching is more than talking through it is more like validating and challenging your thinking.  I had just been promoted to an executive position and the coaching experience helped me navigate the interpersonal challenges that came with transitioning into this role. Elise has a great experience in business as well and she was able to offer practical advice on key business problems. The coaching experience helped me refine my life purpose and ensured that throughout the decisions made I was being true to that and where there were compromises made understanding the tension that would arise because of this. I am richer for having gone through this experience with Elise”

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